Ergonomic assessments

We deliver operational and financial value to your business, as well as reducing the overall risk of injury.

  • An online self-paced assessment
  • Brief face-to-face seated or standing workstation assessments
  • Detailed assessment and report for employees with pain or an injury
  • Short information sessions
  • Train the trainer options for businesses that want to actively manage this area themselves
  • Assessments for those working from home
  • Vehicle assessments
  • Innovative workplace design

With the increasing use of technology becoming part of our everyday life it is little surprise that 77% of the Australian workday is now sedentary and there is mounting evidence that this is having a negative impact on our workforce.

Australian workplaces and the way we work is changing. But what information and advice is relevant to your workplace? Like most areas of our business, we will work with you to formulate a risk based approach to efficiently safeguard your staff.

Did you know over 50% of employees experience some form of musculoskeletal pain in any given month? Ergonomic assessments can halve the musculoskeletal pain experienced by your staff.

Healthy employees work up to three times more productively than those suffering discomfort at work.

Our methodology has proven to deliver operational and financial value to businesses as well as reducing the overall risk within the workplace.

Let us make your workplace better by reducing pain, boosting productivity and avoiding costly downtime due to unfit workers.