Workplace injury video triage

Early intervention for injuries, deliver better health outcomes.

We know that the earlier someone receives professional medical care for an injury, the better the outcome.

That’s easier said than done when you are working remotely, onsite, or simply can’t get in to see someone.

Our new Workplace Injury Video Triage uses the latest video technology to give you care and advice from our registered nurses and allied health professionals, within the all-important first hour of when an injury occurs – anytime, any day, anywhere.


A smarter way to get the right care when you need it.

Being able to see the injury, upload photos while talking to the person, allows for more effective communication, giving better advice to determine next steps. Better treatment leads to faster recovery and a reduction in lost work time, and injury costs.


How it works

Start by scanning a QR code to register and launch your video consult.

A clinician will assess you and give you the appropriate treatment pathway.

  • If it’s self-managed – We will follow up within 24 hours, then contact your manager to discuss your outcome and send them a discharge summary.
  • If treatment and a referral are required – We will book an appointment for you with the right health professional, then contact your manager to discuss your outcome and send them a discharge report.

If you need a doctor – We will contact a GP and arrange an appointment or telehealth appointment. We can organise other services like imaging or transition into our early intervention physiotherapy program.


How it helps

Rapid management of workplace injuries, leads to better health outcomes.

For employees

  • You’ll get immediate access to a video consultation, or a phone call if you prefer.
  • It’s simple, easy to use, and you receive professional care and advice sooner.
  • You’ll be informed every step of the way, and you’ll be on the road to recovery faster.

For employers

  • Your injured employee can get immediate access to a video or phone consultation from one of our Registered Nurses or Allied Health Professionals.
  • We’ll keep you informed with detailed notifications and reports, and escalate cases to your injury management team if required.
  • Getting the right advice sooner helps recovery time – reducing your lost work time and workers compensations premiums.
Our video and photo platform enables injured workers to receive the best and most accurate first aid,
all while keeping managers and supervisors informed and engaged.