Ottobock Exoskeletons


Help take the pressure off your employees

Did you know the most common cause for injury is from lifting, pushing, pulling and bending?

With the rate of injury so high, it’s imperative that employers put measures in place to both protect their workers and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

At Biosymm, we offer an innovative solution, with our partner Ottobock exoskeletons.


What is an Ottobock Exoskeleton?

An Ottobock Exoskeleton is a mechanical device that can be worn by workers to help them perform manual tasks.

Ottobock Exoskeletons provide up to 60% relief to workers, allowing for an increase in productivity and workplace motivation.


We offer three types of Ottobock Exoskeletons


Ottobock BackX

The Ottobock BackX helps support workers manually moving and lifting objects by reducing weight on the lower back by an average of 60%.

The Ottobock BackX also allows for a high degree of flexibility and movement, making it the perfect fit for workers who perform physically demanding tasks.


Ottobock Shoulder

The Ottobock Shoulder helps to support your arms when performing strenuous overhead work.

The Ottobock Shoulder has been proven to reduce stress on shoulder muscles and joints by over 40% whilst allowing full freedom of movement.


Ottobock ShoulderX

The Ottobock ShoulderX provides passive arm support and removes pressure from the shoulders while performing tasks at waist to overhead level with light to moderate weight tools.

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The devices are designed to assist rather than replace muscle activity. This means that the user is not able to lift more than they would usually be able to lift, more that they will not work as hard to lift the same amount. The result is that there is much less risk associated if the device were to fail and that the user is not at risk of deconditioning.

The devices are task-specific, meaning that they are suited to the applications they were designed to assist with:

  • Overhead work for the ShoulderX and Ottobock Shoulder
  • Forward bending, stooping, and lifting floor to the waist for the Ottobock BackX

They are therefore not suited to tasks they were not designed for i.e. the ShoulderX will not assist the back with forward bending.

The devices are robust and have been shown to function in a range of environments, such as the Western Australian Pilbara region and freezer and chiller environments in the food processing industry.

They also come with accessories that can protect the device from dust and dirt and are available in a range of FR materials that are suitable for hot works.

In addition, users can wear the devices under lab coats and other protective clothing.

The warranty is 12 months on hard-ware and 6 months on soft parts.

If any issues occur in this time, simply contact Biosymm, as an official Ottobock Australian distributor.

The devices are non-powered mechanical devices, meaning they do not require external battery packs or charging.

They are designed to work using systems of pulleys, strings and torque generators. This allows wearers to use the device for an entire shift without having to worry about replacing the battery.

Yes! The devices take between 30-45 seconds to take on/off once an individual is trained.

Customer maintenance suggestions are detailed in the user manual for each device.

There are also options for professional annual servicing as well as soft part replacement kits when outside of warranty.

The hard materials and surfaces can be cleaned with any non-bleach-based products.

The soft parts are removable and can be machine washed.