Rapid video triage

Your workplace injury solution

Return-to-work is an emergency

We know that the earlier someone receives professional medical care for an injury, the better the outcome.

That’s easier said than done when you employees are working remotely, onsite, or simply can’t get in to see someone.

Our 24/7, 365 day a year rapid video triage uses the latest video technology to give your employees care and advice from our Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists, within the all-important first hour of when an injury occurs – anytime, any day, anywhere.


Technology driven care

Being able to see the injury, upload photos while talking to the person, allows for more effective communication, giving better advice to determine next steps.

Biosymm also present back all the data collected in live and interactive dashboards, so that you can make better, data-informed decisions regarding the health and safety of your workforce.

Fast access to quality care leads to quicker recovery and a reduction in lost work time, and injury costs.


How it works

Start by scanning a QR code to register and launch the video consult.

One of our team of Registered Nurses or Physiotherapists will assess your employee and give them first aid and suitable duties advise, as well as arranging appropriate next steps:

  • If self-management is suitable – we will follow up within 24 hours, then contact the employee’s manager to discuss their outcome and send a discharge summary.
  • If treatment and a referral are required – we will book an appointment for your employee with the right health professional. This could be directly into the early intervention physio program, to a GP, psychologist, for imaging or to another health professional. We will then contact their manager to discuss the outcome and send a discharge report at the outcome of the case.


How it helps

Rapid management of workplace injuries leads to better health outcomes.

For employees

They receive immediate access to a video consultation, or a phone call if they prefer.

It’s simple, easy to use, and they receive professional care and advice sooner.

They’ll be informed every step of the way, and they’ll be on the road to recovery faster.

For employers

Your injured employee can get immediate access to a video or phone consultation from one of our Registered Nurses or Physiotherapists.

We’ll keep you informed with detailed notifications and reports and escalate cases to your injury management team if required.

Getting the right advice sooner helps recovery time – reducing your lost work time and workers compensations premiums.

Our video and photo platform enables injured employees to receive the best and most accurate first aid,
all while keeping managers and supervisors informed and engaged.


Frequently asked questions

Biosymm’s rapid video triage service operates 24 hours per day, every day of the year, and enables the earliest possible assessment and care with our qualified Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists.

The service uses video technology to provide the most accurate first aid and suitable duties advice, and can arrange treatment referrals to general practitioners, physiotherapists and psychologists where suitable for your employee.

The triage service directly feeds into the early intervention physiotherapy (EIP) program that allows your injured workers to access physiotherapy services immediately after they sustain an musculoskeletal injury, so the injury can be assessed and they can access treatment as soon as possible.

Research has shown the earlier someone receives professional medical care for an injury, the better the outcome.

Once a business has partnered with Biosymm, workers will have access to this service.

As soon as possible after an injury is reported we encourage the worker to scan the QR code on our rapid video triage poster, or for phone triage contact us on 1300 424 679.

Your employee will be required to complete a form with some details about themselves, they will then enter our triage waiting room where one of our triage team will connect with them immediately.

When your employee enters the virtual waiting room they are greeted by a Registered Nurse who will undertake a triage to assess their injury.

The nurse will then make a recommendation on the next steps for management which could be:


With the advice provided they can manage their injury for the next 24 hours.

We will then arrange a suitable time to phone your employee within 24 hours to review their progress and discuss next steps.

EIP referral

If physiotherapy is required the worker can be referred immediately to a physiotherapist for a comprehensive assessment.

Outside of business hours, the worker will be booked for the next available physiotherapist video review.

The physiotherapist will establish their treatment goals, plan and prescribe exercises.

A plan will be sent to you and your employee will either continue to be managed through video consultations or referred to one of our local providers for face-to-face treatment.

General practitioner referral

If their injury requires a GP review we have a national network of GP clinics or we can link your employee into a video consult with a GP.

An initial video triage can generally take between 10 to 20 minutes, and an initial EIP consult will generally take between 20 to 30 minutes.

Our preference is that the consult is via video so we can see the employee and the injured area, and observe the movements we ask them to complete.

There are some occasions though where we are not able to get the video to work, mainly due to issues with internet connection, and in this situation we will complete the consult via phone (audio only).

If you have issues connecting to the rapid video triage please contact Biosymm on 1300 424 679 and someone from our team can troubleshoot your connection issues and provide you with an alternative way to connect if required.

From the moment the triage is saved, a notification is sent to the employer. This is followed up with a formal triage summary.

Additional reporting will then follow depending on the treatment pathway.