Our team are able to provide Portacount Respirator fit testing and 3M EAR fit testing, which cover the basic premise of providing ‘fit for purpose PPE’ and are a pro-active approach in addressing any future regulatory requirements.

Respirator fit testing is used to determine whether a particular respirator fits the wearer, ensuring there is minimal face-seal leakage.

This ensures maximum protection against exposure to hazardous contaminants.

The Australian Standard AS/NZS1715 deems it essential as part of the respiratory program for a face-fitting respirator to be properly fitted to the individual for whom it is assigned, via a facial fit test.

EAR fit testing assesses the effectiveness of the earplugs your workers are wearing.

It measures the protection levels your workers are getting from their earplugs, and ensures correct insertion techniques are applied.

Even though foam earplugs are among the most forgiving of products, correct insertion techniques are essential to obtain the best results.

The basic purpose of the EAR fit test is to provide quantitative fit checking of ear plugs, and here at Biosymm, will educate and motivate workers to better wear foam ear plugs to improve their protection.

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  • 3M EAR fit testing
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