Functional capacity evaluations


Objective measurements of physical capabilities, including movement, strength, postural tolerance, cardiovascular fitness and manual handling techniques, are used to gauge the worker’s current capacity when compared to baseline data for a job role.

All tests performed within our functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are evidence-based and functionally relevant to the job roles.

  • Evidence based testing
  • Report on a workers capacity for their role
  • Standardised templates
  • Australia and NZ-wide network
  • Comprehensive PWPE available
  • Emergency response team periodic medicals


Pre-employment functional capacity evaluations

Pre-employment FCE’s can be performed for light, medium and heavy roles, testing against specific physical demands required for each role, with feedback provided as to the worker’s suitability for their proposed role.

Education is also provided to the worker for any potential injury risks identified during testing.


Return-to-work functional capacity evaluations

Return to work FCEs can be used for a worker who has sustained an injury (work-related or non-work related).

The injury may have improved and/or resolved, but the worker’s employer wants to establish if they meet the physical demands of their role so that they can safely return to work.

Alternatively, if not fully recovered, suitable duties can be recommended for that worker as part of a return to work program whilst they continue to recover from the injury.

We have also developed standardised return to work templates and detailed instructions, which can be provided to our comprehensive provider network across all capital cities within Australia, some regional areas, and New Zealand to safeguard and streamline the return to site for injured workers.

Biosymm then reviews the assessment, and the results are converted into an easy-to-read format before it is provided to the employer.


Comprehensive Physical Work Performance Evaluations (PWPE)


PWPEs are used for workers who have had a prolonged return to work process, have significant complications or multiple injuries, where there are questions regarding effort, or where there is potential for legal involvement.

They are a 3-4 hour evaluation of the physical capacity of the worker, with an objective scoring system used to extrapolate performance compared to their job role, followed by a detailed report and recommendations.

Emergency response team (ERT) FCEs can be performed for workers applying for ERT roles, testing against the specific physical demands required for emergency responses

This includes functional testing (e.g. stair test with breathing apparatus, dummy drag, and hose carry).