Our history

Like most physiotherapy businesses, Biosymm started out as a private practice

In this environment, we continually encountered obstacles treating injured workers and became frustrated at having our treatment success impacted heavily by issues beyond our control.

After some discussion, we pursued the idea of onsite physiotherapy – we saw it as a better way to facilitate a speedy recovery with knowledge of the workplace, whilst also saving costs associated with workers leaving the workplace for treatment.

By working closely with our partners, we began to understand the risks experienced by businesses and expanded our services to encompass methods to reduce this risk profile.

With this approach, both our business and our reputation for outstanding service provision grew.

What does the name Biosymm mean?

The name originates from our foundation in performing functional capacity evaluations.

  • ‘Bio’ Biomechanics – relates to the study of human movement and function.
  • ‘symm’ symmetry – is sought after, however rarely seen. It is often used as a benchmark to evaluate patients.

Identifying and addressing these factors plays a key role in reducing injury risk.

Better health results in better business