Onsite physiotherapy


Delivery of onsite physiotherapy provides effective early intervention management of the workforce and indicates a proactive approach to injury prevention and managing risk.

We treat and rehabilitate injured workers effectively, and strive to prevent further injury.

Direct access to management and supervisors onsite allows consistent and effective communication when we are managing an injured worker.

With a proven reduction of 28% in claims costs for one client, can you afford not to have an onsite physio?

We saved over 2,000 days per year for sites where we provided onsite physio services full-time, compared with predicted recovery times in 2016.

For every $1.00 invested, our clients have seen a return of $3.60 on their investment based purely on treatments.

Our improvement initiatives boost productivity and reduce injury, resulting in a visible cost benefit for companies.

We use best practice across all areas of service delivery and focus on staff education and refining workplace processes to ensure swift return to work for injured workers and boosting your bottom line.

  • 28% reduction in claims cost
  • 2,000+ days saved
  • For every $1 spent = $3.60 ROI
  • Boost in productivity, reduction in injury


Injury prevention

In addition to early intervention for workplace injuries, our injury prevention services are pro-active measures aimed at managing and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) on site.

This can include:

  • Job task analysis
  • Ergonomic and manual task assessment
  • Manual task training
  • Risk registers
  • Acute injury training
  • Health and wellness programs

All recommendations provided by Biosymm are not only aimed at reducing the risk of injury, but also boosting productivity in the workplace.

A participative ergonomics approach to risk is utilised, based on the ‘Risk Management Framework’ in ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – principles and guidelines.

This can be aligned to specific standards within the business to ensure compliance with any audits.

Our team proactively get out from behind their desk and involve themselves in the day to day running of their worksites. Their aim is to reduce risk through preventative measures and influence behavioural-based safety.

All risk prevention services can be supplied either as part of an onsite physiotherapy model or as stand alone options.


Reporting capabilities

Understanding the risk within a workplace is the first step towards preventing injuries.

We capture data with every injury including, but not limited to, injury body part, mechanism of injury, job role and work department.

In consultation with our clients, we set up live dashboards which summarise this data enabling our clients to see injury trends over time and assess the effectiveness of injury management and prevention measures that are implemented.