About us

The success of Biosymm has been built on our ability to help corporate clients, healthcare partners and patients achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Since our inception, we have worked closely with businesses to develop a successful risk-based approach to the services we deliver.

From helping businesses to identify the best candidate, providing timely advice, promoting early intervention, reducing workplace risk and delivering modern principles of training we have a proven ability to improve productivity and profitability.

Our innovative, collaborative approach allows us to seamlessly integrate into our client’s businesses as demonstrated by our longstanding relationships.

Our physiotherapy consultants provide safe, reliable and effective treatment options for workplaces around Australia, via onsite physiotherapy or through our clinics.

We also welcome direct medical practitioner referrals or self-referrals to these clinics where our physiotherapists will work with patients to develop personalised exercise programs utilising our gym facilities and will oversee these programs to make sure they are being performed correctly and safely.

Our highly skilled team has years of experience and will walk you through each step towards better health for you or your employees.

Contact us to discuss your health and wellbeing goals.