Strength and conditioning

Gain strength, speed and increase your fitness levels.

Our strength and conditioning service uses exercise and sports science to deliver practical evidence-based strategies to improve your movement and function.

At Biosymm we know using performance data isn’t just for professional athletes, it’s a tool for everyone who want to improve their sport ability, their fitness and their health.

We use AxIT technology to accurately measure your performance and create exercise plans specific to your body and your goals.

It also provides you with data to track your progress and see the real improvements you’re making.

Biosymm’s four-week programs are available for those wanting to carry out their strength routine independently.

These are carefully created from data identified in your initial assessment.

Group testing

We can also tailor our strength and conditioning service for sports teams or workplaces that want to measure and improve the physical performance of their members.


Biosymm clinic consultations

We have three main types of consultations for people looking to improve their strength, speed and performance.

Initial appointment – 60 minutes

A one-on-one consultation involving a thorough examination of your injury history, movement, muscle strength and power.

These appointments establish your baseline measurements to set clear goals in your strength and conditioning program. This data is also useful if you develop an injury, or time away from exercise in the future.

Subsequent appointments – 45 minutes

Our one-on-one supervised exercise sessions assist with the delivery of your strength routine and allow you to get regular feedback on your technique.

For best results it is recommended to book a subsequent consult every four weeks to track your progress and make appropriate adjustments.

Speak to our friendly team if you’re unsure if this is right for you.