Exercise rehab


At Biosymm, we understand an injured client’s recovery is your number one priority after an incident

Our exercise rehab service empowers clients to take more control over their rehabilitation while keeping all other stakeholders informed of their progress.

We use the latest evidence-based research, technology, and service delivery platforms to capture data and support rehabilitation.

This enables us to detect and guide clients through early barriers and equip them to manage their health and wellness to best support their recovery.

Our rehabilitation model allows us to maintain our focus on a safe and healthy rehabilitation for your client, while achieving our goal of delivering the best outcomes for all parties.

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Our service

We understand every injury and every rehabilitation journey is different, so we ensure our clients receive a tailored approach.

Our experienced team provides a thorough initial assessment which includes:

  • Injury specific assessments and outcome measures
  • Biometrics and general health assessment
  • Wellness, ergonomics, and ADL’s screen
  • Injury education and pain evaluation
  • Tailored attendance and supervision plan

Clients may receive in-clinic and mobile exercise rehabilitation dependent on their circumstances. This can include the use of:

  • Gym-based settings
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Home and workplace exercise programs

Our comprehensive service also includes, where relevant:

  • Worksite capacity assessments
  • Ergonomic and manual task risk assessments
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Physical work performance evaluations (PWPE)


Go beyond recovery

Biosymm’s exercise rehab service aims to not only address the injury, but also help your client develop sustainable strategies to improve their general health and reduce the overall risk moving forward.

With extensive experience within all aspects of workplace health management, our team understands the factors which contribute to a successful return to work post-injury.

Wherever possible we aim to help you return your client to work so they can move forward in better health and happiness and thrive in a safer and productive work environment.

Our teams also provide job role profiles, risk assessments and ergonomic assessments as part of on-site workplace assessments and analysis for job-specific rehabilitation.

And we know the value multiple experts can bring. Our accredited exercise physiologists and physiotherapists work together for a smooth transition between clinical physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation.


Clear communication and data

We understand the importance of succinct, relevant, and value-driven communication.

All parties involved in your client’s recovery get easily digestible reporting that is relevant to them.

And as experienced leaders in rehabilitation we’re not afraid to raise the alarm when any barrier appears to impact your client’s recovery.

Our reporting tools also allow us to provide regular touchpoints to improve program compliance, promote self-managed rehabilitation and avoid overservicing.

Plus, with a key point of contact, we ensure a quality rehabilitation service that remains dedicated to clear and optimal outcomes for all parties.