Wellbeing Gateway


What is Biosymm Wellbeing Gateway?

The Wellbeing Gateway is a digital platform that focuses on improving an organisation’s workforce by promoting employee wellbeing.

It is a desktop and mobile application customised to your business where your employee’s can access an extensive range of carefully curated content to support them to thrive at work, in health and life.

Key benefits

By focusing on your employees’ wellbeing, you create a thriving workforce that helps drive success. As your wellbeing partner, we will work with you to develop a customised wellbeing strategy that will make a real difference for your people.

  • Attract and retain employees – Create a visible culture of care and wellbeing where employees feel valued. This sends a message to both potential job candidates and current employees that your organisation is an attractive place to work.
  • Boost productivity – Promoting wellbeing within your organisation helps to boost productivity, engagement and presenteeism. Put simply, when your people feel well, they perform well.
  • Build strong work culture – Building a culture of wellbeing within your organisation can lead to increased engagement and better work relationships, which contributes to increased morale and a more positive workplace culture.
  • Address barriers to return to work – Support individuals to self-manage their biopsychosocial risk factors and reduce barriers to return to work through a holistic approach to wellbeing, covering physical, emotional, social, financial and work-related factors.
  • Tailored wellbeing strategy – We use data-driven insights to inform a tailored wellbeing strategy for your organisation, so you can target areas of improvements where your employees need it most.

Key features

In addition to the extensive range of key features listed below, you will have quick and easy access to the Biosymm services your business currently receives, including but not limited to:

  • Booking in with an onsite physiotherapist
  • Access to 24/7 online video triage
  • Access to ErgoAssess our cloud-based, cost-effective workstation assessment solution

Expert content

Our wellbeing content is sourced and curated by health and wellbeing experts. Content is delivered as a series of articles, podcasts, videos and live webinars.

Your platform can also include information and content sourced by you so there is one place to go for health and wellbeing.

We keep your platform fresh by updating monthly with themed campaigns based on data insights from across our customer base designed strategically to suit your organisational journey.

Monthly themes cover all five pillars of wellbeing and provide employees with the most up-to-date research in each field.

Five key pillars of wellbeing:

  • Physical – Your current state of physical health: body, movement, energy, sleep
  • Emotional – The state of your mental health like positive emotions and stress levels
  • Career – How satisfied you are in your present job
  • Social – How you feel about your social relationships within and outside work
  • Financial – How satisfied you feel within your current financial situation

Wellbeing programs

Our programs help employees take greater accountability and action towards improving their individual mental health and wellbeing.

They are self-paced and self-guided engagement boosting tools, liken to an individual challenge, that target specific habit or lifestyle changes through a mix of tips, hacks and activities from experts.

We also have optional programs specifically designed to support injured workers with their return to work journey covering topics such as recovery from injury, managing pain and coping strategies.

Gamified engagement

All activities including monthly campaigns, activity challenges and programs are designed to increase engagement through gamification.

Users earn points for completing activities on the platform, which drives engagement, they can choose to be anonymous.

This can also be integrated with a rewards and recognition strategy.

We also have optional programs specifically designed to support injured workers with their return to work journey covering topics such as recovery from injury, managing pain and coping strategies.

Assessment tools and personalisation

We have developed two key assessment tools – the Wellbeing Check tool and the Wellbeing Pulse Check.

Both tools provide personalisation via real time feedback or curated delivery of content specific to the individuals mental health and wellbeing.

Measuring wellbeing can be challenging, these tools also provide deep insights on the collective health and wellbeing of your people, teams and organisation to deliver wellbeing strategies based on insights – moving your wellbeing decisions from anecdotal to data-driven.

All data is de-identified to ensure employees feel comfortable accessing resources on the platform.

Data reports and insights

We help you make informed, data-driven decisions.

Our reporting helps to gauge employee engagement, while providing insights on key focus areas and identifying potential areas of risk.

This helps to refine your wellbeing strategy to ensure you are meeting the needs of your organisation.

To learn more about Biosymm’s Wellbeing Gateway and how we can support you to promote your employees’ wellbeing