Workers’ compensation

Have your workers’ compensation injuries managed and treated by our experienced allied health professionals, who can also assist in management of your claim to the best possible outcome.

As a leading provider in occupational and workplace physiotherapy, we have the experience and knowledge to treat and manage your workers’ compensation claims.

Every person’s needs, and every workers’ compensation case, is different.

At Biosymm, we know how many different factors impact a workers’ compensation claim and how important it is to take an individualised and personal approach.

To do this most effectively, we use a combination of methods, which include:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of all impacting factors
  • Questionnaires
  • Pain scales
  • Benchmarking with medical disability guidelines
  • Functional, job-specific goal setting

Clear communication is essential to optimal management of all cases. We ensure we always communicate in a timely and proficient manner with all parties involved.

We provide you with a comprehensive report outlining our recommendation for a safe return to work.


Our range of services

You’ll receive the best management and care from our team of health experts.

Our services include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Worksite visits
  • Functional capacity assessment
  • Comprehensive capacity evaluations
  • Complex case reviews


The Biosymm difference

While others may offer worker’s compensation management services, we believe our approach sets us apart.

It’s based on an individualised approach, looking at the person first. This allows us to develop better personal and job-specific goal setting based on the latest evidence-based assessment and treatment strategies.

Throughout each case, we stay in close contact with all parties and update progress promptly, with clear communication.

We provide comprehensive reports that clearly outline recommendations for a successful return-to-work strategy.