Power your performance

AxIT is a system that captures, and analyses data related to an individual’s strength and performance.

This data is captured from various sources, such as equipment, or from manual input from the individual or a coach.

Only once the data is collected, it is analysed to provide insights into the individual’s performance.

The data can also be used to identify patterns or trends over time, which can help the coach or athlete to measure progress or identify areas for improvement.

We work with you to establish your goals and use AxIT system to create a benchmark of performance data as part of a plan for your health, training or recovery.


The AxIT system


Who is it used for?

  • Tracking progress with injuries, i.e. rehab service, physiotherapy/injury management
  • Guiding strength and conditioning programs
  • Screening athletes and runners


How does it work?

  • Assess – We analyse every muscle and movement in the body by performing assessments of strength and power, as well as measure the forces with common movements such as squats.
  • Set baseline – Collect actionable data to understand if there is a strength or power imbalance. We’re able to compare between each side of your body, as well as against normative values in the population.
  • Intervention – We use AxIT’s data to analyse and understand any imbalance or compensations you might have, to create a unique training and exercise program.
  • Re-assess – To ensure you are getting results, we use the AxIT system to to track the effectiveness of your intervention program over time.


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