Injury management

We impacted one national client’s premiums by around $800,000 over a 9 month period.

  • Independent Physiotherapy Reviews
  • Workplace Intervention or Assessments
  • Case Conferences
  • FCE’s
  • Training
  • 29% reduction in claim costs (first 9 months)
  • $800k premium reduction

Biosymm recognises the importance the role work plays in the recovery from any injury. Through experience, we also recognise that the longer the recovery time, the higher the chance of a strained relationship between employee and employer.

As such our injury management services create a bridge between your company and your employees, providing you with advice you can trust.

We tier our strategies for rehabilitation through a risk-based approach.

The use of questionnaires, pain scales, benchmarking with Medical Disability Guidelines and functional, job specific goal setting are standard practice at Biosymm.

Our experienced team also perform independent physiotherapy reviews for those stuck, or complex cases, to identify and cut through the barriers to recovery.

We consider ourselves problem solvers who work over and above to avoid costly downtime. Our impact on clients to date has included a 29% reduction in claim costs in our first 9 months of service delivery and around $800k premium reduction for another national client.

These results have been achieved through early intervention, targeted assessment of delayed recovery, management of high risk cases and specific training to their injury management team and line managers.

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