Job Dictionaries

Embedded video content allows all stakeholders a better understanding of the job requirements.

  • 20 years experience
  • Evolving templates
  • Accurate understanding of job roles
  • Invaluable content for medical appointment and assessments

Biosymm have been reviewing and developing job role profiles for almost 20 years. Our templates have evolved with time and experience.

We have the capability to update any job dictionary you may currently have, but also to consult on potential improvements if requested as part of the service.

We believe our online job dictionary is a product that would benefit every business. Not only does it make the job dictionary itself more accessible, it also houses video content to assist in making sure any engaged provider understands the requirements of the role. Real time access to up-to-date content during medical appointments or pre-employment medicals will allow any business to maximise their investment in a Job Dictionary.