Workplace Risk Assessment and Training

We have delivered more than 200 solutions to businesses each year for the past seven years

  • Hazardous manual task risk assessments and training
  • Job task analysis
  • Job dictionary development
  • Whole body and hand arm vibration testing
  • Medic musculoskeletal training
  • Warm up for work programs
  • Participative ergonomic programs

Biosymm’s consultants are trained in critical analysis of tasks and the use of participative ergonomics to ascertain the inherent level of risk that task poses on the employees and the business.

We believe the key to any risk management project is continual stakeholder communication across all levels. This is consistent with the Safe Work Australia document How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks and with the ISO-31000.

One of the criticisms of many of these programs is that there is a lot of talk and no long-term benefit or change. We believe training needs to be practical, engaging and on the job. Likewise we need to teach workers how to risk assess a situation with fieldwork a key to putting those learnings into practice. We also know how to deliver change. For the past seven years we have delivered and implemented over 200 risk reduction solutions per year.

You know your business, but we understand risk and have almost 20 years’ experience in delivering change to workplaces. Let us make a difference by helping you create a better, safer workplace.

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